Stunning interiors are always a result of imaginative design and high quality products. Trendstand offers a wide variety of structural systems for every application. Together we will design and build the perfect solution to your requirements, on time and within the budget.

Our Systems:

Keder Systems are the optimal in form and function. Keder systems can be used to produce Large Banners, Large Outdoor Advertisement or simple room dividers. They are very easy to install and are re-usable; making them extremely cost efficient. Keder-Systems are compatible with other Trendstand systems; therefore, it’s easy to add on to you ongoing program.

Exhibits, Caption Screens and Showcases are the staples of any display program. With our extremely versatile , very durable systems, Trenstand delivers maximum value for any budget. Custom sizes can be produced to your requirements at no extra cost.

LED Light Boxes provide the ultimate in long term energy efficiency. From the very basic to the more complex, Trendstand can meet the requirements that fit your budget. Graphics can be easily changed without any special technical skills.

  • Sample Presentation systems

  • Impressionen Praesentationssysteme